British Graffiti (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor)


An art history graduate can't get a job despite his prestigious master's degree, he now works in a supermarket and putting up with horrible coworkers make him reach his boiling point.

Graduation film I made during the MA in Digital Film and Television Production at the University of York.


  • Ammehoela Film Festival 2018 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival 2018

  • London Lift-Off Film Festival Online Competition 2018

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival 2018 (Winner - Best Long Short December)

  • Dumbo Film Festival 2019 (New York, USA)

  • Manchester Student Film Festival 2019

Still Got It (Editor, 1st AD)


A dispassionate elderly man attempts to recapture his youth.

Directed by Miles Dickinson. This film is currently password protected as it is awaiting festival submissions. Contact me directly for the password if you would like to see it.

Valentine’s Day (Editor)


Overworked care assistant Julie believes marriage is the golden ticket to happiness. Yet the likelihood of her narcissistic boyfriend Jim proposing is beyond remote. As yet another Valentine’s Day looms, all Julie wants is to keep her head down and get through the day. But that’s not going to happen. Impeding Julie’s attempts to simply get through the day are Tracy: her younger colleague, intent on sabotage and with her eye on Jim; and Angie, a grand matriarch with a score to settle. 

Graduation film directed by Chris Murdoch during the MA in Film Production at the University of York.


  • The Smalls Film Festival 2017

  • Southampton International Film Festival, 2017

  • Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2018

  • Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2018

  • Norfolk Film Festival 2018 (Winner - Best Student Film)

MINE (Director of Photography)


A dull tax inspector finds a combination locked briefcase on his doorstep and he quickly gets obsessed with the case and desire to open it, however it turns out he's not the only one and soon his life is turned upside down.

Graduation film directed by Tim Tuytel during the MA in Film production at the Unversity of York.